Life on the Atlanta BeltLine: the Causeys

In 2009, Christopher Causey bought his house in Westview to be close to the Atlanta BeltLine. After meeting his wife Nicole two years later, the couple have been living on the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside Trail ever since. The house seemed to be the ideal home for the couple, but having been built in 1940, needed upgrades.

In 2016, the Causeys were able to take advantage of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.’s partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta to obtain funding for upgrades and repairs. The house got a new roof, gutters, new windows, and a new HVAC system.

“I thank the BeltLine for providing an opportunity for us to participate in the program,” said Christopher. “Had the program not been afforded to us, it would have been a major financial hit.”

Christopher is also looking forward to the connectivity provided by the Atlanta BeltLine’s transit and trails:

“It would just be great if I could literally walk a couple feet to the BeltLine and jump on the transit […] and within a couple minutes, be in another neighborhood.”

Watch the video to learn more about the Causey’s life on the Atlanta BeltLine.

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.’s owner-occupied rehab program helped 14 homeowners and invested over $200,000 in Atlanta BeltLine neighborhoods. Although this program has closed, other programs are available through our partner organizations, such as Invest Atlanta. To learn more about Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.’s affordable housing efforts, visit

Christopher Causey in front of his Westview home.
Christopher Causey in front of his Westview home.


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