Atlanta BeltLine Receives Approval for the First Long Range Public Transit Plan for the City

Atlanta BeltLine/Atlanta Streetcar System Plan Opens Door to Unprecedented Mobility Options 

On December 8, 2015, the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) received approval from the Atlanta City Council on the Atlanta BeltLine/Atlanta Streetcar System Plan (SSP). The SSP is an amendment to the Connect Atlanta Plan. Prior to the adoption of the SSP by City Council, ABI received unanimous approval from the Council’s Community Development/Human Resources Committee on the Streetcar System Plan. The SSP consists of a 50+ mile streetcar system throughout the City of Atlanta, which includes five crosstown routes, in addition to the 22-miles of streetcar along the Atlanta BeltLine corridor. The SSP will also serve as a framework for a potential Fulton County TSPLOST referendum in 2016 and is a necessary requirement for any major transit project seeking federal funding from the Federal Transit Administration. This action by the City Council now enables the city to apply for large scale federal transportation funding.

“Transit is at the heart of the Atlanta BeltLine”, stated Paul Morris, ABI President and CEO. “Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., the City of Atlanta, and MARTA have worked collaboratively to advance transit on the Atlanta BeltLine and in the city, through planning studies and the federal process and today’s action by the City Council is significant in helping us to continue to move forward”.

The Atlanta Streetcar System Plan
The Atlanta Streetcar System Plan conceptual routes

The Atlanta Streetcar System Plan is the culmination of a multiyear planning effort undertaken by ABI that engaged citizens throughout Atlanta. This Streetcar Plan outlines the public’s desire for more transit service in Atlanta and establishes the planning framework for future streetcar connectivity – around the BeltLine and along critical crosstown corridors.

“Atlanta is a city that brings people together and connects them to opportunities,” said Councilmember Andre Dickens, ABI Board member and sponsor of the legislation. “The Atlanta Streetcar System Plan is a 50 mile system that connects Atlanta’s people to jobs, vibrant neighborhoods and world-class entertainment opportunities. This plan, when implemented, will solidify our city’s commitment to improving social equity and increasing economic mobility for all of our citizens.”

The Atlanta Streetcar System Plan will provide the roadmap for integrating the Atlanta Streetcar and the Atlanta BeltLine as Atlanta’s modern streetcar network is being built.

Download the full SSP report here.

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  1. Can you put a map of “The Atlanta Streetcar System Plan conceptual routes” with higher resolution on the website? I can’t make out any details at all.

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