Atlanta BeltLine Unveils New Free Mobile App

App guides Atlanta BeltLine users with trip planning, location information

Exploring the Atlanta BeltLine is easier than ever now that smartphone users have a comprehensive way to navigate around the city’s growing loop of trails and parks. Like the Atlanta BeltLine, the app is free to use, and is available for download from the iTunes store and Google Play. Visitors to the Atlanta BeltLine, which are expected to exceed one million per year, can now conveniently pinpoint parks, trails, access points, art, transit, and even parking using the app’s interactive map feature. Planning a trip is easy with a function that guides users on walking, running, or biking tours of the paved and unpaved trails, as well as highlighting park amenities and other nearby entertainment using geotagged location information. Users can also key in to other information about tours, health and fitness, and Art on the Atlanta BeltLine right from their mobile devices.

“With over a million visitors projected to enjoy the Atlanta BeltLine each year, we want to ensure users have digital resources to maximize their experience,” said Paul Morris, President and CEO of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. “This app is a big step in that direction.”

The app has a built-in feedback feature, as well as a “fix-it” link for maintenance issues that can be reported right from the parks and trails. Supporters can donate to the program through the app and become members of the Atlanta BeltLine. The app leverages third-party providers Google and FourSquare to provide additional information about nearby businesses and attractions.

Atlanta BeltLine app home screen
Home screen.
Atlanta BeltLine app events landing page
Events landing page.
Atlanta BeltLine app nearby attractions page
Nearby attractions page.
Atlanta BeltLine app route finder
Route finder.
Atlanta BeltLine app trip planner
Trip planner.
Atlanta BeltLine app art description
Art description on the interactive map.
Atlanta BeltLine app destination details
Destination details.
Atlanta BeltLine app interactive map
Interactive map.
Atlanta BeltLine app interactive map menu
Interactive map menu.
Atlanta BeltLine app key features
Key features.


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  1. This looks great! Thanks for all you do for the Beltline and thanks for developing this app for Apple and Android, but could you please include an app for Windows Phone as well? Thanks

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