Workforce Partnership Program in Healthcare

Since its conception in Ryan Gravel’s Georgia Tech thesis, the Atlanta BeltLine vision has continually inspired Atlanta foundations, neighborhoods, companies, organizations and individuals to contribute to improving the quality of life in our city. Atlanta BeltLine Inc. (ABI) remains keenly focused on implementing the 25-year plan to build parks, trails and transit. (In fact, you can learn more here about the recently approved Strategic Implementation Plan to see it through to completion.) Together with the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership and others, ABI is also focused on the affordable housing and economic development – including job creation – that are part of the community’s vision for the Atlanta BeltLine.

Learn more about the Workforce Partnership in Healthcare program here. Application deadline is Sunday, January 12th, 2014.

The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership’s Employment Collaborative is just the latest example of Atlanta enterprises (this time its Atlanta CareerRise, Grady Health System, Atlanta Technical College, Atlanta Workforce Development Agency, The Center for Working Families, Georgia Department of Labor, and New Hope Enterprises) rallying to build upon the Atlanta BeltLine’s physical infrastructure investment – in this case using a proven national workforce partnership model to help ensure economic opportunity for Atlantans living in Atlanta BeltLine neighborhoods. This will attract employers to the Atlanta BeltLine that will, in turn, create economic opportunities for residents as a result of the implementation of the Atlanta BeltLine.

You can read more about our efforts at We’d certainly welcome the chance to talk with you about them.

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  1. The linked Grady posting for these positions is inactive as of 1/8/2014. Is there an alternate way of applying, or will the deadline be extended if the online application is not available in time?

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