Volunteer Spotlight: Ryne Raymond

The Atlanta BeltLine is an enormous program, and a lot of our projects could not get off the ground without the help of volunteers. Ryne Raymond is one of those volunteers – Ryne was involved with the Atlanta BeltLine before he even knew it was the Atlanta BeltLine. As an Inman Park resident, he’d bike the dirt path on what is now the Eastside Trail, never knowing he’d have a hand in moving some of the Atlanta BeltLine programming forward.

Coincidentally, Ryne had an MBA class at Georgia Tech in pro-bono consulting, giving him a chance to work with non-profits such as the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership. He did his homework, took the Atlanta BeltLine tour, and learned as much as he could about the program. Ryne, with the help of his classmates, spearheaded a feasibility study for what is now the Atlanta BeltLine merchandise program. His efforts did not go unnoticed – the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership offered him an opportunity to continue on as a volunteer and to develop the merchandise program, taking it from textbook to reality. Now, Ryne’s vision has been realized, and the Atlanta BeltLine shop is up and running, helping to support the future of the project – not to mention outfitting supporters with great swag!

Eastside Trail, Atlanta BeltLine volunteers, Atlanta BeltLine merchandise
Ryne on the Eastside Trail in front of the Evereman sculpture

Apart from being a standout volunteer, Ryne also enjoys participating in the Atlanta BeltLine Running Series and taking the tours so that he can get out to the actual corridor. “Seeing how much of the city would be connected and the potential of the quarry just puts in perspective how great this project will be for the city of Atlanta,” he says. We appreciate Ryne’s hard work and that of all of our fantastic volunteers!

Find out more how you can get involved with the Atlanta BeltLine at our website.

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