The Atlanta BeltLine Master Planning Process is Officially Complete!

After five years of study groups, citywide conversations, community meetings, and more, it’s official – Atlanta’s City Council has officially adopted all ten of the Atlanta BeltLine subarea master plans! Thanks to everyone who attended our public meetings and gave input over the years – we couldn’t have done it without you. Over the course of the master planning process, we conducted 184 public meetings.

In 2007, master planning began by looking at the half mile on either side of the Atlanta BeltlLine corridor to create a suitable framework to support future population growth and transit ridership. In 10 distinct subareas, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) and the City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development developed master plans that address land use, transportation and parks. Neighborhood residents have informed and shaped the plans by providing detailed feedback at public meetings and in writing. Subarea by subarea, planners worked with the community until all 10 areas were completed. The Study Group process, where the initial planning happened, was followed by meetings with the affected NPUs in each subarea, and ultimately City Council approval.

While master planning dealt with the area outside the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, a separate process, known as corridor design, began in February 2010. This is a multi-year effort that will bring the entire 22-mile Atlanta BeltLine corridor to a standard of 25 percent design for all of the various program elements. This design effort will show what the Atlanta BeltLine will look like and establish the basis for all future Atlanta BeltLine design and construction. The scope includes civil and structural engineering; surveys; utilities; streetscapes; landscape design; trails; transit; stations; bridges; tunnels; historic preservation; public art locations; and signage.

The first fruits of the corridor design effort will be open to the public this summer with the completion of the first phase of the Eastside Trail.
Atlanta BeltLine 10 complete subareas

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