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Sustainability Guiding Principles

Atlanta BeltLine Sustainability Guiding Principles

Every initiative undertaken in conjunction with the Atlanta BeltLine is managed with best-use sustainability methods in mind. In each case, the guiding principles are applied to every aspect of the project so that the most environmentally friendly approach is considered to ensure optimum sustainability over the long term.

  • Deliver projects to the City which advance the state of environmentally-sensitive (and ultimately sustainable) City owned infrastructure, with a specific emphasis on reducing electricity and potable water usage
  • Use Atlanta BeltLine projects as test bed for new technologies and approaches where appropriate
  • Proactively seek and implement distributed power generation opportunities throughout the Atlanta BeltLine redevelopment area
  • Support sustainable building practices through integrated master planning and policies to support the City’s green building ordinance
  • Integrate and coordinate public and private realms to create a holistic solution to economic, environmental and social issues
  • Develop infrastructure that can be adequately maintained post construction to the benefit of ABI, COA, and the community.
  • Create a walkable environment via paths and streetscapes. Create spaces where people want to go and environments that enhance the experience and get people out of cars.
  • Educate stakeholders on the social, environmental & financial benefits of sustainability
  • Increase mobility options
  • Support Community Benefits principles