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Protecting Water Resources


Ambitious undertakings across the Atlanta BeltLine corridor are generating exciting new developments, and also fantastic conservation opportunities. Various projects will produce new sources for stormwater collection, detention and retention, while others will create new ways to maximize water resources and help preserve wetlands and green spaces.

New Ways to Save (Water, that is)

Most of the sites that the Atlanta BeltLine is transforming into parks are former industrial and commercial properties. With the development of each park, acres of impervious surfaces are being replaced with grass, playgrounds and other permeable materials allowing for more rain water percolation and less stormwater runoff.

Nearly 20 acres of impervious concrete and asphalt have been removed in the first two phases the Historic Fourth Ward Park development. While the pond in the park is an aesthetically pleasing addition to the environment, it also serves as a regional detention basin while mitigating flooding and sewer system surcharges downstream. Water from this pond is and an underground cistern is being used to irrigate the park, minimizing potable water demand.

An additional 22 acres of impervious concrete and asphalt were also removed during land acquisition and initial site preparation of Boulevard Crossing Park. The future plans for the park include stormwater detention ponds, and the re-establishment of wetland areas to minimize off-site runoff and to treat stormwater.