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Organic Landcare

Green Spaces the Green Way

As part of a comprehensive plan to ensure the use of the best environmental practices along the Atlanta BeltLine, exciting new organic methods are being utilized with landcare and park space management. Implementing these "greener" techniques helps reduce waste, protects plants and soil, and ultimately lowers the cost of maintenance.

A Natural Approach

Organic landcare will be implemented at all new parks along the Atlanta BeltLine. Dynamic soil biology helps reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation, pesticides and herbicides while controlling run-off. These landscapes require fewer – or no – chemicals, reduce long-term maintenance costs for the City; and enhance opportunities for wildlife.

Organic and Innovative

A rather inventive approach to managing the natural environment has been on display for two weeks a year for two years at Boulevard Crossing Park. Though a partnership with Trees Atlanta, a herd of goats has served as a natural approach to managing the growth of invasive plants, specifically kudzu, within the park. The Atlanta BeltLine also hosts an annual Organic Land Care Symposium at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The event consists of various sessions discussing organic gardening and land management practices led by speakers from around the country.