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The Atlanta BeltLine

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Native / Naturalized Plants

Home Grown

It stands to reason that plants that are native to the region have the best odds for long-term success. Utilizing these native trees and plants in landscaping plans for the Atlanta BeltLine can drastically reduce maintenance costs over the long-term because these plants are conditioned to this environment.

Putting Native Resources to Use

Landscaping in Atlanta BeltLine parks and along trails utilizes native or naturalized plants, which require less maintenance and are not invasive because they are conditioned for this climate. As a practical matter, this improves the success rate with what is planted and reduces long-term maintenance costs for the City. This effort will be most notable along the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum, which will be planted along the full length of the 22-mile corridor. The Arboretum, which was developed with Trees Atlanta, started taking shape in 2012 with the planting of 677 trees along the Eastside Trail.