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Green Demolition

Building Green Space While Reducing Waste

Too often, the wrecking ball will bring a building down while building the landfill up. Planners with the Atlanta BeltLine are devising new ways to ensure that the retired infrastructure is reconstituted and reused whenever possible, which helps minimize the landfill contributions.

Big New Developments Without a Big Carbon Footprint

As existing infrastructure is demolished to clear the way for parks and trails, the Atlanta BeltLine typically diverts more than 90 percent of the resulting debris from landfills. This not only mitigates the impact on landfills, but also results in fewer truck trips to landfills and less greenhouse gases being emitted in the process. Approximately 95 percent of demolition debris from Boulevard Crossing was diverted from landfills and nearly 100 percent of the asphalt and concrete demolished in Historic Fourth Ward Park was ground on-site and re-used as sub-base for walkways and plazas.