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Alternative Energy

Bright Ideas Make Bright Futures

Innovative ideas for minimal energy consumption and maximum output are helping put the Atlanta BeltLine green spaces on the path to becoming energy-cost neutral. It is already a reality in some areas, and these creative methods will evolve over time to create maximum efficiency.

A New Energy in the Park

One of the first completed Atlanta BeltLine parks, DH Stanton Park in southeast Atlanta, is energy-cost neutral. Solar Photovoltaic panels at DH Stanton and Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark create power during daylight hours which is sold into the grid and offsets the cost for power needed for equipment and lighting. Low-voltage LED lights also used at these parks are dimmed to 50% of output during late night hours, minimizing power consumption while still maintaining a level of safety in the parks. At Boulevard Crossing Park, lampposts are wrapped in a thin-film photovoltaic material, allowing individual lamps to generate their own power needs. Together, these steps will reduce long-term maintenance costs for the City, reduce Atlanta’s carbon footprint, and serve as an educational feature and focal point in the parks.