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The Atlanta BeltLine

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Community Commitments

Committed to Our Community

We are committed to making a difference in so many ways.

The Atlanta BeltLine Maintenance Guidelines specify sustainable methods and protocols for soil / plant management, pest management, disease control, graffiti prevention / removal, cleaning and repair of walls, walkways and railings. Reduction and recycling of waste is another critical component of sustainable operations. Learn more
Atlanta’s BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) has a community engagement framework that is designed to keep Atlanta residents informed and actively engaged in the Atlanta BeltLine’s creation so that the Atlanta BeltLine reflects the aspirations of its many neighborhoods and communities. Learn more
The Atlanta BeltLine encourages transit-oriented, compact development, adaptive reuse and urban infill along the entire corridor and improves connectivity between intown neighborhoods. Catalyzing new development in formerly abandoned, empty or industrial lands with access to transit, the Atlanta BeltLine will counter sprawl in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Learn more