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The Atlanta BeltLine

Where Atlanta Comes Together. Learn more

Environmental Progress

Developing Sustainable Improvements for Our Future

The Atlanta BeltLine is an inherently sustainable project, adaptively re-using an existing rail corridor to fundamentally change land use patterns in the City of Atlanta. The project will create new mobility options, new greenspace, and exciting new affordable housing and economic development opportunities along the way. The Atlanta BeltLine’s implementation is following a clear set of guiding sustainability principles that are already benefitting Atlantans in many ways. The principles include: brownfield redevelopment, protecting water resources, organic land care, the use of native/naturalized plants, green demolition, and energy neutrality.

These topics detail the Atlanta BeltLine's primary initiatives with regard to guidelines, sustainability, issues addressed, metrics and development.These include but are not limited to Brownfield Redevelopment, Soil and Habitat Quality and Alternative Energy. Learn more
Ultimately, the Atlanta BeltLine belongs to the people of the City of Atlanta. Ours is a rich and diverse community, and the Atlanta BeltLine must serve a wide array of needs and functions. We seek to include all interested voices in planning and design, and hope to engage in best practices for smart growth through greener and healthier development. Learn more
The Atlanta BeltLine is investing in Atlanta and the health of its citizens by addressing critical issues impacting health in our city. The Atlanta BeltLine’s 33 miles of multi-use trails, 22 miles of transit, 1,300 acres of new parks, and 6,500 acres of redevelopment will provide increased opportunities for purposeful and utilitarian physical activity. Learn more
Every initiative undertaken in conjunction with the Atlanta BeltLine is managed with best-use sustainability methods in mind. In each case, the guiding principles are applied to every aspect of the project so that the most environmentally friendly approach is considered to ensure optimum sustainability over the long term. Learn more