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Northeast Trail

The Atlanta BeltLine Goes North

Past the intersection of 10th Street and Monroe Drive, the Atlanta BeltLine corridor extends north via the Northeast (Interim) Trail, which currently ends at Westminster Drive. The full Northeast Trail will eventually extend past Piedmont Park, making a connection to the Lindbergh MARTA Station. Due to Georgia Power infrastructure improvements, the work on this corridor will be divided into three segments.

Monroe Dr. to Westminster Dr.

This section of the Northeast (Interim) Trail runs between Monroe Drive and Westminster Drive. This segment, alongside Piedmont Park, will have the standard Atlanta BeltLine trail in the railroad corridor, just as you see with the Eastside Trail south of Monroe Drive. Transit will run parallel to the trail for this mile segment of the Atlanta BeltLine. Design on this segment is expected to take 12-18 months to complete. A request for qualifications to design the trail is due on March 29.

Westminster Dr. to Mayson St.

This segment of the future Northeast Trail runs between Westminster Drive and Mayson Street and will also feature transit parallel to trail. It is being designed now and constructed separately from the other two sections because Georgia Power is replacing transmission lines along this stretch. For the next year, this section of trail will be an active construction zone led by Georgia Power and closed to the public. Clearing and grading began in February 2018, and installation of the new utility poles should be complete by spring 2019. ABI hopes to finalize the construction of the trail soon after Georgia Power has completed their work, assuming funding is identified.

Mayson St. to MARTA Lindbergh

This section runs between Mayson Street and the Lindbergh MARTA station and faces several design challenges, including navigating active rail and I-85. For this approximately 2-mile segment, transit will diverge from the trail and the designs for both are to be determined. Preliminary alignment for trail was introduced in a February 2018 public meeting, but is subject to change during the design process. Because of the complicated nature of this segment and the funding mechanism, design will take 24-30 months to complete. Stay tuned for more information as we engage the public in the process. A request for qualifications to design the trail is due on March 29.


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Northeast Trail. Photo: The Sintoses

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