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Atlanta BeltLine/Ponce City Market Plaza

The Plaza at North Avenue

Jamestown Properties and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. have partnered to build the first public plaza on the Atlanta BeltLine! The plaza is located on the Eastside Trail just north of the North Avenue bridge, immediately adjacent to Ponce City Market and the Shed. Trail users now have a public place to step off the trail and gather, all in close proximity to the shops, restaurants, offices, and flats now open in Ponce City Market. The plaza comes complete with connections to the street below: stairs (with a handy bike ramp) and an elevator.


The plaza was constructed with an access point at North Avenue, featuring an elevator and stairs, complete with a track down the middle for cyclists to walk their bikes on, for a full range of accessibility options. Landscaping will continue through the rest of the summer, but the seating is available to enjoy now!