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The Atlanta BeltLine

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There's a Greener Tomorrow Along the Atlanta BeltLine

The Atlanta BeltLine provides an opportunity for the city to transform its park system. With a goal of increasing Atlanta’s greenspace by 40%, the Atlanta BeltLine will add nearly 1,300 acres of new parks and greenspace - and 700 acres of renovated greenspace - over the course of the project’s 25-year implementation. These new parks will be connected via 33 miles of continuous multi-use trails, which will ultimately link 40 new and existing parks.

Several of the Atlanta BeltLine parks are already open to the public. In addition to enrichment through new recreational offerings, these green space initiatives offer environmental benefits, and will serve as a catalyst for economic development around the parks. The greenspace component of the Atlanta BeltLine was introduced by the Trust for Public Land in its 2004 Emerald Necklace Study, which it commissioned from renowned urban designer Alex Garvin.

Parks currently in development are not open to the public, such as the Westside Quarry Park and Preserve. It is considered trespassing to be on these properties without permission.

These documents can all be downloaded as PDFs. The Master Plans files may exceed 100 pages each and the Appendices may exceed 200+ pages, so please plan for large files sizes.

Subarea 2: Park Master Plan – Perkerson Park
Subarea 4: Park Master Plan – Lang Carson Park
Subarea 9: Park Master Plan – Westside Reservoir
Subarea 2: Park Master Plan – Peoplestown
Subarea 10: Park Master Plan – Maddox
Subarea 5: Park Master Plan – Historic Fourth Ward
Subarea 1: Park Master Plan – Enota
Subarea 3: Park Master Plan – Boulevard Crossing