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The Atlanta BeltLine

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Corridor Design

The Core Elements Start Here

The overall vision for the Atlanta BeltLine includes many components; rail, trail, parks and greenspace, economic redevelopment, and much more. However, the backbone for this entire project is the fairly narrow (in some places) 22-mile existing rail corridor. All related elements radiate from this primary corridor, and with the condition of the corridor varying greatly from section to section, a comprehensive corridor design plan is essential to give the entire project a solid foundation.

Corridor Design Plans

The southwest and southeast corridors of the Atlanta BeltLine are currently in design. As presentations are available regarding all corridor design, they will be posted below.

These documents can all be downloaded as PDFs. Some files may exceed 100+ pages, so please plan for large files sizes.

Southeast Corridor Design
Southwest Corridor Design Presentation
Eastside Corridor Design Update
Quarterly Briefing: Corridor Design
Eastside Corridor Design Presentation

What is Corridor Design?

While master planning dealt with the area outside the Atlanta BeltLine corridor, a separate process, known as corridor design, began in February 2010. This is a multi-year effort that will bring the entire 22-mile Atlanta BeltLine corridor to a standard of 25 percent design for all of the various program elements. This design effort will show what the Atlanta BeltLine will look like, and establish the basis for all future Atlanta BeltLine design and construction. The scope includes civil and structural engineering; surveys; utilities; streetscapes; landscape design; trails; transit; stations; bridges; tunnels; historic preservation; public art locations; and signage.