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The Atlanta BeltLine

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Donation Only

Minimum Donation: $1.00

Don’t Want the Benefits?

If you are simply interested in making a straight donation to help the Atlanta BeltLine, you can forgo the accompanying benefits. This allows you to receive the maximum allowable tax deduction.

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership will support us in keeping the community's vision of the Atlanta BeltLine on track through programs like Atlanta BeltLine Tours, Adopt-the-Atlanta BeltLine, free health and fitness classes, and more!

Minimum Donation: $1.00

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Employer Match
Many employers offer matching gift programs, which double (or triple!) the impact of your donation. Help make a difference - see if your employer will match your donation.

Challenge Grant

AGL Resources has pledged a 1:1 match for all new and increased gift amounts to the Partnership up to $50,000.

What does this mean?
All new and increased gifts will be matched by AGL Resources – meaning your contribution your will have an even greater impact on supporting Atlanta BeltLine initiatives!