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Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Community Survey Key Findings

Community Survey Feedback

Over 6,000 people took our community survey in 2018. 80% of respondents said they were satisfied with the Atlanta BeltLine overall, along with its contribution to economic development and the public art displays. 80% indicated that they would use transit on the Atlanta BeltLine loop once constructed. Download our Key Findings report below for more insights!

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) conducted this community survey in order to better understand how community members and businesses perceive the Atlanta BeltLine project, gauge public expectations, solicit suggested improvements, and more.

The Community Survey Key Findings Report report illustrates highlights; the public’s view of ABI’s strengths and opportunities for priorities; and outlines ABI’s responsive activities. We place tremendous value on this feedback – we are listening and taking action!

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Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Community Survey Key FindingsReview survey key findings and ABI's activities underway.
Atlanta BeltLine Survey Insights ReportRead full Atlanta BeltLine Survey Insights Report: July 30, 2018,


The primary objective of this project was to understand perceptions of the BeltLine among residents of Atlanta. The survey results indicate that overall satisfaction with the BeltLine is strong, and most feel it has helped the city, both economically and socially. Most respondents see long-term value in the project, but they also identify concerns about several areas of focus, which are in alignment with ongoing priorities of ABI and the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABP). We greatly appreciate the input from the community, and ABI invites the public to stay informed about all Atlanta BeltLine projects and programs by way of our community engagement process.

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Survey Highlights

Overall satisfaction is strong, and most feel it has helped both economically and socially.

  • Most sentiments about the Atlanta BeltLine are positive, with almost all believing it is a good use of taxpayer dollars.
  • Perceived strengths include the quality of trails, greenspaces, and public art along with contributions to economic development.
  • Generally, respondents feel positively about the Atlanta BeltLine and indicated that it builds community; is good for health, fitness, and economic activity; and is a great place to visit.
  • The Atlanta BeltLine is most frequently perceived as being a place for outdoor activities, while many do not perceive it as being a place for business or affordable housing.
  • Respondents identify the speed of trail completion, quality of jobs, speed of transit development, and ensuring affordable housing as top areas of concern.
  • Three clear priorities for action in the near future have been identified as:
    > Completing the 22-mile trail loop, including parks and greenspaces;
    > Prioritizing affordable housing and helping legacy residents stay in place; and
    > Developing BeltLine transit.