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The Atlanta BeltLine

Where Atlanta Comes Together. Learn more

ABP Mission Draft

Help Enable the Project

The public funding sources – the City of Atlanta, the tax allocation district, the US Department of Transportation and others – are not enough to complete the ambitious 22-mile Atlanta BeltLine loop of parks, trails and transit. The Partnership helps fill this gap by developing relationships and soliciting investment from the private sector and the philanthropic community. With this role comes a responsibility for stewardship of the funds we raise – donors want to be sure their contributions are utilized effectively, and some investors have specific mandates they want to see fulfilled. The Partnership provides that oversight and regularly communicates both progress and problem areas. To date, we have raised over $54 million in corporate and philanthropic funding.


Help us get to the finish line. There are many opportunties for an individual and company to contribute:


Be part of the action and help support the Atlanta BeltLine:


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For Sponsorship or Donor Questions

Salisha Evans
Director of Partnerships and Engagement, Atlanta BeltLine Partnership

Tel: (404) 446-4408
Fax: (404) 446-4403

To Volunteer

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities with the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, please contact:

Alice Weston
Program Manager

Engage the Public

The Atlanta BeltLine needs sustained public support throughout construction and implementation to ensure favorable political will and continued philanthropic investment. The Partnership cultivates goodwill and buy-in by first engaging users in innovative, creative and impactful ways, and then working to convert those users into advocates and active supporters. More than 20,000 have taken our Atlanta BeltLine tours either on foot, bike or our bus. Our Run.Walk.Go! Race Series has drawn more than 10,000 participants, attendance at our neighborhoods festivals has topped 11,000, over 2,000 have signed up for our volunteer programs, and more than 5,000 have joined in for our free fitness classes.

Get Running with Run.Walk.Go! Race Series

The Atlanta BeltLine Run.Walk.Go! Race Series is the perfect chance to explore various trail segments and stay active. Check out the latest developments along the Atlanta BeltLine, snag an awesome t-shirt, and burn a few calories – runners, walkers, strollers, and dogs are all welcome! Learn more about Run.Walk.Go! Race Series


Fitness for Free

We offer an array of free classes for every level of fitness. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or you’re already a fitness aficionado; there are great classes to serve your needs and allow you to meet others that share your passion for the Atlanta BeltLine and a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about Atlanta BeltLine Fitness Classes.

Empower the Residents

The vision of the Atlanta BeltLine is for a better connected, more prosperous, healthier Atlanta. The Partnership helps fulfill this vision by convening and aligning partner organizations that work collaboratively to leverage this transformative infrastructure project in ways that strengthen the 45 Atlanta BeltLine neighborhoods, particularly in the areas of health, housing and economic opportunity. Our role in this area is that of a catalyst – cultivating partnerships and effectively linking teams of stakeholders and institutions – and not that of a service delivery provider or program manager. We have successfully established partnerships in areas like workforce development, affordable housing and health with organizations such as the United Way, the Land Trust Collaborative and Georgia State University.

Homeowner Empowerment Workshops

In the fall of 2016, the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership partnered with Home Place Consulting to provide a series of homeowner empowerment workshops. These programs were designed to assist existing homeowners in Atlanta BeltLine neighborhoods, and ensure these individuals have access to the resources necessary to evaluate their options, whether they intend to remain in their homes or are interested in possible opportunities to sell. Learn more about Homeowner Empowerment Workshops.

Atlanta BeltLine Partnership  Connecting Residents to Resources

Check out our resources guide that can assist homeowners with their homeownership options, including contact information and details on how to qualify for and obtain assistance.

About ABP

Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABP) is a non-profit organization funded entirely through private endeavors. ABP staff members work with neighborhoods, businesses, community and faith organizations, and other groups to raise general awareness, and broad-based support for the Atlanta BeltLine. ABP raises funds through private and philanthropic sources, and serves as a catalyst to mobilize resources to achieve the positive social impacts of the Atlanta BeltLine vision.

Contact Us

Atlanta BeltLine Partnership

Office & Mailing Address
112 Krog St.
Suite 14
Atlanta, GA 30307

Tel: (404) 446-4404
Fax: (404) 446-4403