Adjacent businesses such as Ponce City Market have welcomed Atlanta BeltLine traffic by opening access points directly from the trail.

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The Atlanta BeltLine

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Filming and Photography

Interested in filming or photographing on the Atlanta BeltLine?

Please read through the information provided below for guidelines pertaining to filming and photographing in the parks and on the trails of the Atlanta BeltLine.

Please contact Ericka Davis, Director of Communications and Media Relations, for permission to commercially film and photograph in locations owned by Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI). Ericka can be reached at and 404-477-3660. ABI requests at least 5 business days notice to approve requests and execute licensing agreements. Download our full Film and Photography Policy. Please be prepared to fill out and submit this application for filming.

The following locations are owned by Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.:

  • Eastside Trail (2-mile paved portion) (permits from the City of Atlanta may also apply in certain cases)
  • Eastside Trail northern and southern interim hiking trails
  • Westside Trail (unavailable due to construction from 2015-2017)
  • Historic Fourth Ward Park lake and outdoor theater
  • Old State Farmer’s Market

The following Atlanta BeltLine trails and parks are owned by the City of Atlanta. Please contact the Mayor’s Office of Entertainment via their website ( or via their 24/7 hotline (404.295.0630) for permission to commercially film in these spaces:

  • Northside Trail
  • The remainder of Historic Fourth Ward Park and Skatepark exclusive of the lake and outdoor theater
  • West End Trail
  • Southwest Connector Spur Trail
  • H. Stanton Park
  • Boulevard Crossing Park
  • Gordon White Park
  • Perkerson Park
  • Enota Playlot
  • Arthur Langford Park


Please note that the future Westside Reservoir Park, the former Bellwood Quarry, is currently owned by the City of Atlanta.

Additionally, the Old State Farmer’s Market (the future Murphy Crossing) is a secure site that offers unique opportunities for long-term filming. The fee structure for this space is different from parks and trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office have stock footage of the Atlanta BeltLine parks and trails? Can I request to use photographs / b-roll that are owned by the Atlanta BeltLine?

Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) has a library of photographs and video footage that are available depending on the nature of the request. Requests by non-profits, the media, conferences, colleges and universities, and select others will likely be fulfilled. Requests by commercial entities (i.e. marketing agencies, real estate organizations, and for-profit companies) are prohibited unless approved in writing.

How much does it cost to film on the Atlanta BeltLine?

Please download our Film and Photography Policy for the full schedule of fees.

I’m planning an engagement / wedding photo shoot. Do I need permission?

If your photo shoot is for personal use, you do not need permission. If it is for commercial use, you need permission.

I am having a permitted event on the Atlanta BeltLine. Do I need permission to film or photograph my event?

If you already have permission for your event (i.e. festival, wedding, concert, etc.), then you do not need an additional permit to film and photograph your event.

I use the Atlanta BeltLine frequently. How do you anticipate filming activities impacting trail and park users?

Our Atlanta BeltLine users come first. We will make every reasonable effort to ensure safety and access for users the best we can.

Do I need to apply? Where do I find an application?

You may contact Ericka Davis, Director of Communications and Media Relations, to see if your shoot requires a licensing agreement. She can be reached at 404-477-3660 and You may contact Ericka for an application and download our Film and Photography Policy for more details.


For permission and licensing agreements please contact:

Ericka Davis
Director of Communications and Media Relations
Phone: 404-477-3660