Southside Trail – Segment 6

Glenwood Park to Bill Kennedy Way // Subarea 4

This project will include two separate phases of design and construction. Section 3 will include permanent trail installation through Glenwood Park along BKW south of I-20, and Section 1 will include the installation of a trail bridge over I-20 parallel to Bill Kennedy Way.

The Atlanta Department of Transportation Right of Way (ATLDOT ROW) will manage the BKW portion of the project(Section 2) as a locally funded project.

The remainder of the project will be set up as a federally funded construction opportunity within the Georgia Department of Transportation Right of Way (GDOT ROW).

Southside Trail design and construction status June 2023

Southside Trail design and construction status as of June 2023.

Project Status

This project will replace the interim condition and includes a new pedestrian bridge over I-20, running parallel to the existing vehicular bridge at Bill Kennedy Way.  The trail section running through Glenwood Park will also be improved to meet BeltLine trail standards.  The design of this project kicked off with the community during an ABI Study Group meeting on March 25th.  The engineering team is currently developing typical cross sections and options for the street and trail composition and alignment.  A Study Group meeting will be scheduled this summer when the concepts are ready to present.  The project will be completed in two phases: Phase 1 will include work in the ATDOT right of way which is expected to start in summer of 2025, followed by work in the GDOT right of way in summer of 2026.

Project Timeline

Section 1 Design Schedule - Bill Kennedy Way
Aug 2024
30% Plan Completion
Nov 2024
ROW Plans
Jan 2025
60% Plan Completion
Jun 2025
90% Plan Completion
Aug 2025
100% Plan Completion
Sept 2025
Bid Construction
Section 2 Design Schedule - New I-20 Bridge
Jun 2024
Concept Report
Jan 2025
60% Drawings
Mar 2025
ROW Authorization
Summer 2025
Phase 1 - ATDOT right of way work expected to begin
Jan 2026
90% Drawings
Summer 2026
Phase 2 - GDOT right of way work expected to begin
Jul 2026
Construction Bid Phase

Last Updated: June 5, 2024