Southside Trail – Segments 2, 3

McDaniel to Boulevard // Subarea 2, 3

The project includes the design of a 14-foot-wide concrete multi-use path spanning approximately 1.9 miles from McDaniel to Boulevard. Various site elements will be added, including planting, lighting, retaining walls, vertical connections to adjoining streets, storm drainage, signage/wayfinding, and rehabilitating bridges for trail use.

This federally funded project achieved the highest federal funding possible, at 80% of the total construction budget.

Southside Trail design and construction status June 2023

Southside Trail design and construction status as of June 2023.

Project Status

This trail segment is 1.9 miles and runs from McDaniel to Boulevard. A contractor has been executed with Reeves Young, and a Notice to Proceed was issued by ABI on April 29, 2024.  Construction mobilization started on May 20th. In order to protect tri-colored bat breeding habitat, federal restrictions on clearing are in place through July 31st.  This project achieved the highest level of federal funding possible at 80% of the total construction budget.  A community meeting was held on May 30th from 6:30pm – 8:00pm to introduce the contractor. This meeting can be viewed here.  ABI anticipates to have the trail construction wrapped by early 2026, to be followed by landscaping. Read more about how the acceleration of this trails segment, here

Project Timeline

May 2024
Construction Mobilization
Q1 2026
Target Construction Completion

Last Updated: June 5, 2024