Chase Kahwinhut Earles Presents Naw’-tsiʔ: Bear Effigy Vessel

Join us for a special artist talk by master Caddo potter, Chase Kahwinhut Earles on December 10 from 3pm-5pm. Chase will share about his monumental sculpture, Naw’-tsiʔ: Bear Effigy Vessel, which was recently installed on the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail at Ponce City Market.

For hundreds of years, Caddo pottery was a grand and widespread tradition, known for its thin ceramics, intricate designs, and effigy vessels, that was traded around North America and as far as Europe. Chase Kahwinhut Earles has made it his mission to help revive this traditional art form, and today, his contemporary work can be found in many museums and cultural institutions.

Naw’-tsiʔ: Bear Effigy Vessel by Chase Kahwinhut Earles can be found on the Eastside Trail in front of Ponce City Market. Photo: The Sintoses

“What motivates me and challenges me to push the limits of describing our culture in my pottery art is the desire to truly educate people about what sets our tribe’s tradition apart from all the other Southeastern tribes and to reveal to people the extent of which the Caddo’s tradition was cherished by everyone across the nation in prehistoric and historic times,” he shared.

Naw’-tsiʔ: Bear Effigy Vessel is Chase’s first major public sculpture. Sited at the highly-trafficked Eastside Trail at Ponce City Market, visitors and guests can see, on a massive scale, a representation of Caddo effigy pottery traditionally reserved for ceremonies and ritual.  It is the first monument created by an Indigenous artist in Atlanta since the Indian Removal Act of the 1820s. We hope that you will join us for this special artist talk!

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When: December 10,  3pm-5pm

Where: The Shed at Ponce City Market (675 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA)





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