Southside Trail – Brownfield Remediation

Terminus of SST-W at Pittsburgh Yards to Boulevard SE (Possibly extending to Glenwood) // Subarea 2

ABI was awarded a $500,000 Brownfield Cleanup Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Grant funds will be used to clean up portions of the interim Southside Trail.  Soil remediation will focus on 26 areas as identified in the Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives (ABCA) previously prepared by United Consulting.

Project Status

Remediation efforts need to conclude in advance of the release of construction for the Southside Trail.

ABI anticipates clean-up activities to begin this summer and take 4-6 months. The trail will remain open and only be closed in spots where work is taking place.

Project Timeline

July 2020
Consultant to begin delineation efforts
March 2021
Invitation to Bid - Hire Contractor
July 2021
Construction Start
Sept 2023
Performance Period Deadline