Southside – Bill Kennedy Way Unpaved Trail + Streetscape

Bill Kennedy Way through Glenwood Park to Glenwood Ave // Subarea 4, 5

This project project is now complete. It included improvements to the existing Bill Kennedy Way (BKW) bridge over I-20 and the addition of a buffered, multiuse path along BKW through Glenwood Park to the Glenwood Ave intersection.  Long term plans for the BeltLine at this location include the construction of a new bridge crossing I-20.  This project provides improved travel options for bicycles and pedestrians until the new bridge can be constructed.  This project connects the end of the Eastside Trail to the unpaved Southside Trail entrance.

Project Status

This project was completed in May 2021.

Project Timeline

June 2020
Start construction of streetscape work
February 2021
Start construction of bridge work (GDOT permit required)
May 2021
Project complete

Last Updated: September 28, 2021