Washington Park Jamboree

Police officers and children play at the Washington Park Jamboree, a fundraiser for the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership.

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The Atlanta BeltLine

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Help Distribute Atlanta BeltLine Information

Connect your Community with the Atlanta BeltLine

Help promote the Atlanta BeltLine in your community! 

Atlanta BeltLine Ambassador

Promote the Atlanta BeltLine in the community and make residents aware of opportunities to play a role in the project’s development. By sharing information with friends, neighbors, local businesses, and other groups, you will raise awareness and encourage greater community participation and engagement.

Activities include:

  • Visiting local businesses and institutions (e.g. coffee shops, apartment communities, schools and churches) to leave information about the Atlanta BeltLine at these locations.
  • Attending neighborhood or other organizational meetings to distribute information about the Atlanta BeltLine
  • Connecting groups to opportunities to tour the Atlanta BeltLine or attend Atlanta BeltLine 101 presentations


Canvass and Get the Word Out

It is easy (and free) to order materials. Simply complete the form below. We will ship the flyers to you free of charge. All you need to do is hand them out.

Thank you for your help!

Materials Available

Get Connected BrochureDiscover the myriad of ways YOU can get involved in the Atlanta BeltLine! This handy guide breaks down how you can learn more, engage with the program, volunteer, and donate. Folded Size: 8.5" x 11" // Flat Size: 25.5" x 11" // 4-color Process // Double-sided // White Gloss Stock
Project Overview MapOur most popular brochure, the Project Overview Map shows the Southeast, Southwest, Westside, Northside, Northeast segments plus the full Atlanta BeltLine map – all in one! Folded Size: 8.5" x 11" // Flat Size: 17" x 11" // 4-color Process // Double-sided // White Gloss Stock.
Trail MapExplore the Atlanta BeltLine with this printable trail map! This is your one-stop guide to each of the open trails: Eastside Trail (Extension in construction from 2016 - 2017), Westside Trail (in construction from 2015-2017) and West End Trail, Southwest Connector Trail, and Northside Trail. Updated December 2016. Folded Size: 4.5" x 11" // Flat Size: 9" x 11" // 4-color Process // Double-sided // White Polyart Synthetic Paper.

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