Edgewood Avenue Bridge

The Edgewood Avenue Bridge has been demolished and is being rebuilt over the Eastside Trail extension.
Photo Credit: Christopher Martin

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Quarterly Briefings

Fresh Information Every Three Months

We invite you to read our past quarterly reports and to visit this section regularly to follow our milestones as we charge forward and continue with new progress and successes each and every month!

Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q2 2016This public meeting included project updates from Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership. It also included an open house focused on the design of the Southside Trail which runs from Glenwood Dr. SE to University Ave. SW. The presentation portion of the meeting can be downloaded from the link to the left.06/07/16
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q1 2016The first quarterly briefing of 2016 featured updates on economic development, Westside Trail construction, the Eastside Trail extension, Southside Trail design, the opening of Arthur Langford, Jr. Park, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, BeltLine Benches, signage and wayfinding and various transportation and housing updates, including the Streetcar System Plan and a structured partnership with FHLBank Atlanta.03/02/16
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q4 2015The fourth quarterly briefing of 2015 featured a panel discussion with Mayor Kasim Reed, Ryan Gravel, Paul Morris, and Mtamanika Youngblood. The meeting also included an update from ABI on the Westside Trail construction, Eastside Trail extension, southeast corridor design, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, Arthur Langford Park, and the bond infrastructure projects, among other updates. ABP reported on the first 10 years of progress for the Partnership's mission.11/03/15
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q4 2015 – FAQsQuestions & answers submitted during the fourth quarterly briefing of 2015.11/03/15
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q3 2015The third quarterly briefing of 2015 provided updates on Atlanta BeltLine projects and programs with a feature on Art on the Atlanta BeltLine and the Atlanta Streetcar System Plan's Environmental Assessments for the Crosstown/Midtown and West routes.  Click here to access the 2015 Art on the Atlanta BeltLine preview presentation.08/17/15
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q2 2015The second quarterly briefing of 2015 provided updates on Atlanta BeltLine projects and programs, such as Westside Trail construction, affordable workforce housing, the latest in the Atlanta BeltLine capital campaign, and the Atlanta BeltLine Jamboree, among many other topics. The featured presentation was an update on the Atlanta BeltLine/Atlanta Streetcar System Plan and the federal environmental work underway for transit on the Atlanta BeltLine.06/22/15
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q1 2015The first quarterly briefing was an overview of recent construction progress, programmatic updates, and other news from the Atlanta BeltLine. Topics included Westside Trail progress, transit updates, information about the Design Review Committee, other planning updates, and ABI's partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, among other items. Atlanta BeltLine Partnership presented updates on fitness programming, workforce partnerships, and membership opportunities.03/23/15
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q4 2014The fourth quarterly briefing was an overview of recent construction progress, programmatic updates, and other new from the Atlanta BeltLine. Topics included the Westside Trail groundbreaking, Eastside Trail extension, the North Avenue Plaza, Langford Park and transit updates. Other updates included news about the capital campaign, health updates, the new Atlanta BeltLine tour bus, and the rail slice campaign to raise grassroots funds for the Atlanta BeltLine.11/13/14
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q3 2014The third quarterly briefing provided program updates and a special presentation celebrating Art of the Atlanta BeltLine, year five.  It was followed by an open house session to allow for attendees to learn more about transit, parks, trails, affordable housing, economic development, public art and brownfield remediation.08/20/14
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q2 2014The second quarterly briefing of 2014 focused on the progress of the Urban Agriculture site, the North Avenue plaza, the renovation of the Langford Park rec center, and updates on trail construction, including the Eastside Trail Gateway, and the construction of the Westside Trail and southern extension of the Eastside Trail beginning this fall. Also covered was the Atlanta BeltLine/Atlanta Streetcar System plan and the status of transit work on the Atlanta BeltLine. Updates on streetscapes and Art on the Atlanta BeltLine were provided. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership provided an update on the capital campaign, health activities including free fitness activities, Play Day on the Atlanta BeltLine, and the Running Series. Tours, workforce development, volunteer opportunities, and membership were also covered.05/20/14
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing Q1 2014This presentation featured the newly adopted 2030 Strategic Implementation Plan following updates from Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership.03/04/14
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2013 Q4The fourth and final Quarterly Briefing of 2013 was a review of the progress and events taking place throughout the year, including the new access to Lang Carson Park, the expansion of the Perkerson Park splashpad, completion of the design for the Historic Fourth Ward Park and an update on the Urban Agriculture site. In trail news, the Southwest Connector opening was covered, as well as the Westside Trail TIGER V funding for construction and the Eastside Trail Gateway. Also covered were the Streetcar Expansion Strategy, the status of federal environmental review and ABI's services agreement with the City. Other topics included corridor design and remediation, streetscapes, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, Affordable Housing and proactive rezoning. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership gave an update on membership benefits, shop.beltline.org, the Running Series and other topics including volunteering and tours. 12/12/13
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2013 Q3The third Quarterly Briefing of 2013 covered parks and trails updates; recent funding updates; transit & transportation updates; project & design updates; Art on the Atlanta BeltLine; an update from Atlanta BeltLine Partnership; and more. The featured speaker was Paul Morris, President and CEO of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.09/17/13
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2013 Q2The second Quarterly Briefing of 2013 covered corridor design in the southwest and southeast; Edgewood Avenue bridge and Eastside Trail extension progress; a transit update; the new affordable housing website; an update from the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership; and more. The featured speaker was Lt. Jeff Baxter of the Atlanta Police Department who discussed the Path Force that will be dedicated to public safety along the Atlanta BeltLine.06/10/13
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2013 Q1The first Quarterly Briefing of 2013 contained many exciting updates regarding construction and design of the Eastside Trail, the southwest corridor, the gateway connection to Historic Fourth Ward Park, the section of the Eastside Trail through Reynoldstown, the Implementation Plan, and affordable housing. The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership highlighted their many volunteer, fundraising, and outreach programs. The featured speaker was Greg Levine from Trees Atlanta who spoke about the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum and the meadow planting on the Eastside Trail.03/11/13
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2012 Q4This briefing featured Joshuah Mello as a guest speaker from the City of Atlanta about exciting new bike initiatives and short- and long-range plans for bike amenities in the city. It also gave highlights from 2012 by Valarie Wilson, Executive Director for The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, and Lisa Gordon, Chief Operating Officer for Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Following the highlights is a criteria prioritization activity associated with the Atlanta BeltLine Implementation Plan.12/19/12
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2012 Q3In this briefing, we received an update from the Chairman of the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. Board of Directors John Somerhalder following a tour of the connection between Ponce City Market and the Eastside Trail. The presentation also included updates from Lisa Gordon, COO, about the implementation plan, the Edgewood bridge, and Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.09/26/12
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2012 Q1The CEO Update for this Briefing focused on the Atlanta BeltLine construction progress to date, complete with a color coded map of trails and parks both completed and in progress. New ABI team members were introduced and updated Master Plans were unveiled. The Eastside Corridor design was shared in detail and an update was provided on the transit implementation strategy.03/20/12
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2011 Q4The CEO's report in this Briefing focused on the substantial progress made during the year on all fronts - parks, trails, transit, art and affordable housing. Construction and Affordable Housing updates were provided and new funding led into "What's Next" - in this case, the announcements of the new Blog and Website coming in 2012!12/15/11
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2011 Q3 (5yr Work Plan)This exciting Briefing focused on "Reflecting Back and Moving Forward!" We shared the story of the past five years and how we've successfully brought this project to life. Reflecting on the principles and priorities of the five year work plan, progress was measured against the goals in the work plan, reflecting real world conditions and challenges. Major goals included: securing the Right-of-Way (ROW), completing critical planning activities early, achieving tangible successes within first five years, striving for geographic balance, ensuring financial feasibility and maintaining strategic reserve for unforeseen opportunities. Financial sources were highlighted, as was park and trail progress, transit progress, affordable housing progress, community involvement, public art and partnerships .09/13/11
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2011 Q2This Briefing covered our ABI CEO's Update and included a great community engagement update including upcoming opportunities and events. The Design & Construction Update featured Eastside Trail's progress with pictures and an overview update. "Dine out for Art" was celebrated with recap photos and details and transit funding was detailed. Finally the Partnership Update showed improvement and positive response trends!06/16/11
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2011 Q1In this Briefing, The CEO update covered our "what and where" regarding the Atlanta BeltLine progress. The ABI team was introduced and the first, ever annual report for ABI was shared. We discussed progress and openings for Greenspace & Trails and The Downpayment Assistance Program for the Affordable Housing initiative. The ABI CEO Spotlight was on the Organic Land Care Symposium. Finally upcoming meetings were announced.03/31/11
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2010 Q4This Briefing covers the high level "what and where" about The BeltLine as an overview item. We shared a greenspace and trails update and discussed our construction update. Highlights of that include status of the following: Eastside Trail, Historic Fourth Ward Park, Skatepark (Cox Parcel), Boulevard Crossing Park, D.H. Stanton Park and the recently Completed West End Trail Phase II (Opened in June). A 2010 partnership year in review was shared highlighting the Atlanta BeltLine Capital Campaign benchmarks. They also addressed social impacts: Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative and connecting residents to employment opportunities. Finally, goals for 2011 were shared: Atlanta BeltLine Racing Series, more openings of parks and trails, fostering healthier communities, and the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Annual Campaign.12/14/10
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2009 Q4This Briefing answered some basic community questions including "where is the Atlanta BeltLine?". It also highlighted key benefits of the project including transit, parks, trails, jobs and economic development and more! Project updates were shared and partnership plan was outlined for 2010.12/14/10
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2010 Q3The CEO update for this Briefing included federal Eengagement & national outreach initiatives, details about openings & groundbreakings, Art on the BeltLine and Affordable Housing initiatives. The Community Engagement Report covered community benefits guiding principles, timeline and development progress. Community Engagement covered participant and feedback stats and a high level master planning update was provided.09/16/10
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2010 Q2In this Briefing we covered Master Planning Updates including Subarea Master Plans 1, 4, 8, & 10 conceptual phases. Also shared was a report on evaluation of community participation in the master planning process to date. A Chart of participation in numbers was shared and we discussed how most participants are learning about our meetings and overall outreach. Highest on that list is the e-Newsletter. A feedback graph was also shared, defining from where we have been receiving the most support and or general interest. Master Plan and construction updates were shared at this stage as well as Art on the BeltLine updates. 06/17/10
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2010 Q1This Briefing kicked off with a Community Engagement Update, and then highlighted community benefits appreciated form the Jobs Program. We shared design and construction update with exciting "before and after" photographs of key portions of the Atlanta BeltLine. Finally, a Public Art update was shared with proposals for art that is to come!03/04/10
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2009 Q3This Briefing focuses on a planning and progress update. Specifically, Historic Fourth Ward Park, Boulevard Crossing Park, DL Stanton Park, Enota Park, Westside Reservoir Park – Phase I, Atlanta Memorial Trail, West End Trail – Phase II, and BeltLine Interim Hiking Trails. Also provided was a 2009 BeltLine TAD Bond update.08/20/09
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2009 Q2This Briefing was focused on our BeltLine Partnership update. Capital Campaigns Raised over $30.3 million from more than 50 donors, $13.2 million was committed for parks and trails and donations can now be made on-line at beltline.org With regard to Education & Awareness, great strides were made. Over 550 people took BeltLine tours in the first quarter. There were nearly 4,800 participants since April 2007. Over 200 people participated in BeltLine Earth Day cleanup on April 18th. More than 200 people participated in 2nd Annual BeltLine Bike Ride on April 26th. Hundreds attended the Celebrate the BeltLine event on April 27th at the Park Tavern and the Speakers Bureau and staff reached over 200 people through BeltLine presentations.05/12/09
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2009 Q1In this Briefing, we received an update from Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.'s CEO Update. We also shared a BeltLine Partnership Update, Implementation Activities Update and Affordable Housing Updates.02/26/09
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2008 Q4In this briefing, we covered how the Atlanta BeltLine is going to facilitate a community engagement process that’s more accessible, predictable, transparent, responsive and engaging! A Master Planning & adoption process update was also provided.10/16/08
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2008 Q3In this Briefing, we covered BeltLine Partnership opportunities, BeltLine Affordable Housing guidelines, BeltLine Subarea Master Planning, Environmental Impact Studies and Transit Supportive Density. Mayor Franklin provided comments and we closed with Q&A.07/10/08
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2008 Q2In this Briefing, a BeltLine Partnership Update was provided, outlining ABI’s focus over the next 60 days including watching court rulings and community feedback plus BeltLine education and awareness and upcoming events.04/17/08
Atlanta BeltLine Quarterly Briefing 2008 Q1In this briefing, you'll find notes covering key elements of the BeltLine including implementation highlights regarding acquired greenspace, legal rulings that affect the project's overall success, and design & construction notables. Also included are the Advisory Committee and Partners reports, and master planning and community engagement updates. Sections of the BeltLine previously launched as well as those recently scheduled for launch are color coded within this Briefing for easy reference.02/07/08