Edgewood Avenue Bridge

The Edgewood Avenue Bridge has been demolished and is being rebuilt over the Eastside Trail extension.
Photo Credit: Christopher Martin

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Construction Progress

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In April 2013, the Atlanta BeltLine began work in conjunction with the City of Atlanta to replace the Edgewood Avenue bridge where it crosses over the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail. Once the bridge is complete, construction will proceed to continue the Eastside Trail from its current terminus at Lake Avenue / Irwin Street south to DeKalb Avenue. Learn more
The connection between the Eastside Trail and Historic Fourth Ward Park, known as the Eastside Trail Gateway, is now underway. Visitors to the Eastside Trail will soon have easy access to the 12 acres of greenspace, scenic 2 acre lake, and the modern playground and splash pad at Historic Fourth Ward Park. Learn more
The Westside Trail, a 3-mile trail to be developed in the Atlanta BeltLine’s southwest corridor, will run from Washington Park to Adair Park, utilizing the existing West End Trail in the West End neighborhood. From Allene Avenue, the 14-foot wide concrete multi-use trail will run to Lawton Street and then transition to the West End […] Learn more
The Urban Agriculture site is being built with the goal of planting species of fruits, vegetables, trees, grasses, bushes and edible berries. Turner Volunteer Day in 2013 brought over 90 volunteers out to plant the first fruit trees on the land and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Another orchard will be planted on the south side, and […] Learn more