Southwest Connector Trail

Bicyclists ride the Southwest Connector Trail at the grand opening ceremony.

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The Atlanta BeltLine

Where Atlanta Comes Together. Learn more

The Atlanta BeltLine People

It's a Team Effort!

This project is a real labor of love for the many individuals working, striving and planning for its success! These are the teams that work together to move it along on a daily basis. No one group among these could do it alone!

The Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. staff is an experienced and determined team tasked with the implementation of the Atlanta BeltLine vision. Working closely with the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, the City of Atlanta, and Partner organizations, the staff at ABI oversees all aspects of planning, developing, and execution of the Atlanta BeltLine project. Learn more
Projects of great magnitude and significance require extraordinary partnerships to bring them to life. The Atlanta BeltLine is the ultimate example of these kinds of partnerships. In addition to Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) and The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership (ABLP), these are the organizations that work tirelessly to make the Atlanta BeltLine a reality. Learn more